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Your best choice in wellness

Residents of Westminster Communities are surrounded by programs that encourage them to dream bigger and healthier dreams. Our wellness mission is two-fold:

  1. To keep each person living at a Westminster Community as independent as possible for as long as possible, and to give each person a great reason to get up every morning. Read our life, health and wellness philosophy

  2. To give Westminster employees a place at which they are proud and excited to work.

Residents at all of our communities enjoy the benefits of our modern, holistic approach to wellness. Our “Westminster Wellbeings” program is centered on eight dimensions:

  • Community A true dedication to making the community home. Community wellness includes understanding and valuing how personal lifestyle and choices impact our community both environmentally and socially.

  • Emotional Balance. Emotional wellness is defined as the ability to understand feelings, accept limitations, deal with the stressors of daily life, and achieve stability.

  • Intellectual Challenging your mind. Intellectual wellness encourages lifelong learning, expanding awareness of the world around you while attempting to challenge your mind with creative ideas and activities, improving skills and sharing with others.

  • Nutritional Nutritional wellness achieves maximum energy levels through healthy eating while maintaining a healthy body.

  • Physical Maintain as much functionality as possible while reaching for new goals. Physical wellness includes having a healthy body maintained by sound nutrition, regular exercise, avoiding harmful habits, making informed and responsible decisions about health and seeking medical assistance whenever necessary.

  • Social Staying connected to others in fun and enjoyable ways. Social wellness encourages contributing to one’s environment, emphasizes interdependence with others and nature and includes the pursuit of harmony in one’s family.

  • Spiritual Finding meaning in life and experiences. Spiritual wellness involves seeking meaning and purpose in human existence. It includes formation of faith and hope and demonstrating values through behaviors.

  • Vocational Learning and teaching task. Vocational wellness is preparing to make use of your gifts, skills and talents in order to gain purpose, happiness and enrichment in your life.